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Mar 05, 2024By Bannockburn Presbyterian Church


Climate Change vs. The Sovereignty of God
I try to be a model environmentalist. My home has solar panels, solar heat pump for hot water,  I sort our trash faithfully, reuse and recycle whenever I can and I mulch my entire yard with the stuff I mow, cut up and spread. I take seriously the fact that I am God’s steward of His creation.
But I have serious issues with our culture’s obsession on Climate Change. It is not that I reject the fact of Climate Change as a reality we need to address. But rather, “how” we should go about it, and the complete and utter lack of reference to the Creator God who made and maintains the Universe by the power of His word.
A couple of weeks ago, the prognosticators of weather forecast (with all their scientific modelling and expertise) that there would be no rain in the foreseeable future after such a long drought and ravaging fires across the land. Most people just despaired at the gloom of such scientific wisdom and called for more action on the part of humans to do something to change things…anything…at any price.
Meanwhile there were godly Christian people who were busy each week praying for a much different outcome. Noting Scriptural promises from God about caring for the earth, bringing forth the sunrise and sunset, rain and crops, livestock and blessings. I think a good number of people were genuinely surprised when the thunderheads built up and the deluge began across Australia.
How did the Climatologists get it so wrong? What didn’t they understand? And how are we to take seriously their predictions and formulations in the future? Now please understand that I do believe in the basics of science, but science without reference to Almighty God is not science at all.

---Scott Kroeger